Iowa Veterans Trust Fund



These rules establish the requirements for veterans, spouses or dependents to receive benefits from the veteran trust fund.

Definition. For purpose of this chapter, “veteran” means the same as defined in Iowa Code section 35.1 or resident of Iowa who served honorably in the armed forces of the United States, completing a minimum of 90 days of active duty, other than training.

Income. Shall not exceed 200% of poverty guidelines.

Resources. Available liquid assets of the veteran cannot exceed $15,000.00, means cash on hand.

The application process starts at your local VA office.

Benefits Available to veterans and spouses:

  • Travel – For wounded veterans directly related to follow-up medical care.
  • Unemployment Assistance – Must have a service connection causing their unemployment. $3,000.00 in a twelve month period, with a lifetime maximum of $6,000.00.
  • Job Training or Education Assistance – Lifetime maximum of $3,000.00.
  • Individual or Family Counseling – Up to $5,000.00 in a twelve month period.
  • Dental – Up to $2,500.00 in a twelve month period.
  • Audiology – Up to $1,500.00 per ear in a twelve month period.
  • Emergency Housing Repairs – Up to $3,000.00 in a twelve month period.
  • Emergency Vehicle Repairs – Up to $2,500.00 in a twelve month period.
  • Emergency Room – Lifetime maximum of $5,000.00.
  • Durable Medical Equipment – Lifetime maximum of $2,500.00.

Applications are reviewed once a month by the Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs. A decision is made at the time of review. Applicants are notified via letter of the decision with instructions on how to proceed. To get started on your application, please contact your local VA county office.

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For 24-hour counsel, call the National Veteran Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255